Anything to anything: Networking without limits

Operating downtime of machinery and systems costs money. It can be substantially reduced, however, if ideally all systems communicate with one another. Permanent networking is paving the way to the future of Industry 4.0.

Bachofen speaks the language of system integrators and original equipment manufacturers, and has been working on unlimited data flow between different system topologies for decades. This makes Bachofen especially qualified to be your partner in the world of
Industry 4.0.

Anybus from HMS: opening the door to integrated networking

The fewer interfaces you have, the lower your operating costs and the lower the susceptibility of your machinery and systems to faults. With well over 300 different Anybus converters and gateways, HMS is making it possible to connect practically all industrial systems to one another.

HMS Anybus Gateway

The Anybus X-Gateway provides the key to simple transfer of data between different SPS control units and networks. This guarantees continuous data flow.

HMS Anybus Communicator

The Anybus Communicator connects serial devices to any commonly used fieldbus or industrial ethernet networks. It uses an intelligent method to convert serial protocols of automation devices into the language of the selected fieldbus or industry network.

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Kurt Gfrerer, Product Manager Bachofen AG


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