Flow sensors with turck FS+: as precise as you need them to be

For many applications, the use of high-precision sensor technology is of critical importance. However, there are also many areas in which expensive technologies miss the mark. With its new FS+ flow sensors, part of the plus range, Turck is offering a solution that, in many cases, will best meet the precision requirements.


Machine and system manufacturers are under constant cost pressure. When purchasing automation components, it is all the more important to ensure that they are fit for purpose and that overqualified products are eliminated from the evaluation.

Flow monitoring is of critical importance in many industrial processes in order to guarantee process quality or even to prevent serious damage to the system. However, for cooling circuits, cleaning processes, dry-run protection for pumps and many other applications, it is sufficient to closely monitor a limit value and identify flow tendencies. This means that much cheaper measuring technology can also be used.

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A plus for robustness

The new FS+ flow sensors from Turck are “as precise as you need them to be”. They supplement the devices belonging to the PS+ range, launched in April 2019 and, like those devices, they impress with their innovative operating concept and phenomenal robustness. The sensor head is made from stainless steel and is covered with a single translucent front cap. There are no buttons: the sensor is operated via a wear-free, capacitive touchpad, like those found on smartphones.

A plus for safety

The FS+ sensor range offers delta flow monitoring. This does not activate the teach functions until a constant flow has been reached. This significantly reduces random and systemic errors, which, in many cases, are rarely discovered or are discovered too late by comparable sensors without this function. An additional safety element is provided by the data backup function via the V1.1 IO-Link interface: if the sensor is replaced, the sensor parameters can be saved in the IO-Link master and automatically transferred to the new sensor.

A plus for speed

The quick teach mode is a perfect example of Turck’s innovation. This allows the desired switching point to be set quickly and conveniently within the sensor. The sensor learns a reference flow and monitors this for potential deviations. If the process passes from one phase to the next, these values can also be adjusted within a fraction of a second via IO-Link communication, if the sensor settings need to be changed.

Award-winning quality

The PS+ pressure sensor, which was launched in spring 2019, has been awarded the iF Design Award. The FS+ series has also received critical acclaim: visitors to the SPS 19 exhibition in Nuremberg voted it head and shoulders above the competition for the Automation Award in the standard components and sensors category.

With its competent specialist advice, Bachofen will ensure that you are able to reap the benefits offered by Turck’s new fluid sensors. And we will always stay on the ball for you: the newest addition to the Turck family, the TS+ temperature sensor, has already made a successful start on the market.


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