Transporting liquids: seeking the eco-friendly solution

The strict hygiene requirements in the industrial food production sector applies across the entire production chain. A key area of interest right now is also how to minimise your carbon footprint, something that can hardly be guaranteed by conventional connection technologies. Parker’s LIQUIfit fittings are bringing eco-friendly technologies to the liquid conveyance sector.

The regulatory requirements for clean production are becoming increasingly stringent, while at the same time, the market is becoming increasingly aware of environmental considerations when it comes to food production. Hygiene requirements are increasingly not the only consideration when developing production plants, as environmental aspects are also relevant.

Selection of materials with 100% bio-based polymer

Parker Hannifin is responding to this development with its LIQUIfit range for the conveyance of liquids in the food industry. The secure, compact ‘eco-designed’ fittings are made from 100 per cent bio-based polymer. They offer an innovative, future-proof alternative for liquid conveyance, and are characterised by their high level of chemical resistance to aggressive substances such as chlorine, cleaning agents and alcohol. They are also resistant to UV rays.

EPDM seal to prevent leaks

LIQUIfit fittings also perform outstandingly thanks to their robust construction and their mechanical strength. The patented EPDM sealing technology guarantees absolute water-tightness even at full flow. The components are available with connections of between 4 and 12 mm for hoses, and 1/8” to 1/2” for threaded connectors. Direct connection to stainless steel tubing is also possible, even without additional grooving.

Liquifit - Parker

Universal applications in the food sector and water management

The products in the LIQUIfit range are not only environmentally friendly, they also fulfil the standards for contact with foodstuffs. Their construction and choice of materials reduce the risk of microorganism settlement in the fittings during conveyance of beer, water or soft drinks. The wide range covers all relevant applications: LIQUIfit fittings are suitable for use in water treatment plants, in filters, softening plants, water fountains, reverse osmosis plants, water coolers, bottling plants, and more.

Bachofen can help you make the transition from conventional connection technologies to environmentally responsible systems. Plus, you can count on the fact that the solution tailored to your requirements will prove cost-effective too.


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