High load capacity, better value: the 7619 Jumbo telescopic slide from Thomas Regout

When purchasing mechanical components, it is important to seek out the best possible function, within the limits of what you need, while spending as little as possible. You need to find the part that offers you neither more nor less than you need for the application in question. With its new 7619 Jumbo telescopic slide, Thomas Regout offers an economical yet highly resilient alternative to the Supreme super heavy duty slide.

Vehicle manufacturers and their operators need to keep a close eye on costs. When it comes to regularly used parts, price differences add up. This can lead to gains, but also to losses. Using components that offer you more than you need leads to extra costs that make manufacturing and operating the vehicle more expensive than necessary. These costs can be avoided by carefully selecting the product that is precisely tailored to the application. This requires suppliers that have a sufficiently broad product range, one of which is our Dutch technology partner Thomas Regout.

Universal applications in vehicle construction and conversion

The newly developed 7619 Jumbo telescopic slide is a welcome addition to the product range of the renowned specialist in innovative motion technology. Although this new product is slightly less resilient than the heavy duty Supreme slide, its load capacity of up to 300 kg means that the 7619 series can still cater to a wide variety of applications in vehicles of all kinds.

The 7619 Jumbo telescopic slide is particularly suited for installing pull-out systems or sliding doors in special-purpose vehicles such as mobile homes, municipal vehicles, agricultural vehicles, emergency service vehicles and army vehicles. It can also be used in public transport vehicles such as buses, rail vehicles, cable cars and self-driving vehicles. In electric vehicles, it can be used for removable battery compartments. It is also a robust solution for loads that need to be moved in and out of vans and mobile workshops.

Ultra-safe, user-friendly, and reliable

With its material thickness of 2.7 compared to the competitor’s 2.2, the 7619 Jumbo is the strongest roll-formed slide in the world. It also offers a wide array of features to enhance safety, simplify handling and ensure reliable operation. For example, it can be locked in an extended or retracted position, which prevents hands, arms and objects from becoming trapped. The vertical locking mechanism with handle is highly user-friendly. The profiles are extended and retracted in a controlled manner: The inner runner only extends or retracts when the centre runner has reached its final position. Slightly damped end stops ensure excellent, quiet running behaviour and reduce wear. Over-extension reaches up to 130%.

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Let Bachofen take away the cost pressure

You are sure to find the right telescopic slide for your application at Bachofen. The new 7619 Jumbo from Thomas Regout is available in standard lengths from 300 to 1500 mm. Custom versions up to 2000 mm are possible. We would be happy to advise you and help you find a solution that offers the right performance, at the right price.

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