Clean work: robotics in the clean room

The best employees in production under clean room conditions are those who remain outside, as double door designs are complex and impede the freedom of movement of the staff. The use of robots in the clean room is therefore preferable as they meet all the strict hygiene standards for clean room production and the safety of patients is paramount in medical technical applications.

The leading global manufacturer of small robots, DENSO Robotics, has already set its sights on the demanding field of clean room production. With the VS series, Bachofen’s technology partner currently offers four types of robots, which are approved for clean rooms with ISO 5 and ISO 3 protection classes.

DENSO Robotics

The pièce de résistance is the VS H₂O₂/UV 6-axis robot. Its external characteristics are rounded corners, no visible screws and the washable, UV-resistant aluminium surface. The cables run entirely internally and are sealed at the inlets. The robot can be fitted with an external battery unit for motor coding of the robotic arms and a break release unit for the robotic arms on request. Both devices are installed outside of the clean room.

Denso Roboter H2O2

Internal wiring

All wiring is kept inside the robot to prevent cables from becomin tangled or damaged by cleaning agents.

No screws

The absence of screws means that bacteria cannot collect under the screw heads or in the threads.

Rounded edges

Streamlined forms prevent bacteria from building up in hard reach plances.

Hygienic design

The robot's outer surface is smooth and shiny, making it easy to spot and clean dirt.

Underside connector cable

The cables are connected on the underside of the robot, keeping them covered and bacteria out.


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