All-rounder in the world of valves: sliding gate valve 8028 from Schubert & Salzer

Machine and system designers for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries are spoilt for choice when it comes to evaluating valve technology. But when compact design and low actuating force are required, a clear favourite quickly emerges: the sliding gate valve 8028 with digital positioner 8049 from Schubert & Salzer. 

Conventional seat valves can be used as all-rounders for a wide range of applications. However, the more specific the requirements for valve technology, the more important the targeted and critical selection of the appropriate product. In addition to the control quality, for example, criteria such as the size and weight of the component, energy consumption, service life and other aspects must be taken into account for industrial processes in the manufacturing of chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. If the designer is looking for a valve to meet all requirements, there are not many candidates left in the running. 

Compact design, energy-saving and cost-effective

Right at the top of the list of favourites comes the new sliding gate valve type 8028 with positioner type 8049 V6 – also newly developed by Schubert & Salzer. The pneumatic control valve is ideal for regulating the flow of all types of media – from neutral to highly aggressive – and, for many applications, is a compact and energy-saving alternative to the classic seat valve. The low-friction and proven diaphragm actuator delivers high control quality and a long service life. And the price is a surprise: this high-tech component costs around 10% less than its big brother, the sliding gate valve type 8021.  

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Designed for high process efficiency

This innovation from Schubert & Salzer offers a whole range of other features that make people sit up and take note. These include the space-saving intermediate flange, its light weight, the fast control guaranteed by small strokes of a maximum of 8.7 mm, and the extremely low actuating force. This is just 10% compared to equivalent control valves. 

User convenience in operation and during installation

For example, by rotating the functional unit by 180°, the function of the valve can be changed from Normally Closed (NC) to Normally Open (NO) and vice versa. The sliding gate valve with positioner can be assembled and put into operation without any tools. Parameterisation and diagnostics can be taken care of quickly and easily using the “DeviceConfig” software. Errors are now shown directly on the display. 

A discussion with the experts at Bachofen creates transparency and results in a solution which is matched perfectly to the medium to be transported. 


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