Assembly in place of an individual product: cost efficiency through outsourcing

The enormous cost pressure and increasingly tougher conditions of competition in the medical sector are also forcing machine and plant builders to rethink their supply chain and to streamline their structures. This is usually the result of a stabilisation of the market position and a strengthening of competitiveness.

Aiming towards the outsourcing of parts of the machinery and equipment production, which are not directly related to the company’s core competencies, e.g. engineering and installation of assemblies.

We turn individual parts into your complete solution

For example, the installation of an assembly is necessary to allow optimal and energy-efficient control and regulation of the heating circuit in the steam generator of a steriliser. Areas of application of these solutions in medical technology are e.g. sterilisers, autoclaves in the dental trade and medical instrumentation engineering.


Screw connection

Parker Lucifer lolenoid valve

Liquipure NW4

Flow restrictor


(not visible)

Flow controller

(not visible)

Ball valve

Nickel-plated brass elbow connector

Enlargement nipple

R ¼'' - G ½''

Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger


Parker Lucifer solenoid valve

Liquipure NW2

Enlargement nipple R

R ¼'' - G ½''

Developed according to your specifications

Outsourcing of the process to Bachofen simplifies the procurement process enormously. Processing is carried out with a supplier, a contact person and an item number. The result is a customer-specific, ready-to-install solution.

Development and construction on the basis of your specific requirements.

Detailed development of the ready-to-install solution using CAD. All from a single source.

For example, the installation of an assembly is necessary so that a cooling and heating circuit in the steam generator of a steriliser can be controlled and regulated. It consists of eleven individual customer-specific products, such as heat exchangers, solenoid valves, ball valves and flow limiters, which Bachofen has developed, installed and supplied as a ready-for-use solution.

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Your added value with outsourcing of your process

  • The power of innovation, customer proximity, short response times

  • Saving time and resources: Bachofen takes over the planning, development, documentation, manufacturing, installation and testing

  • Simplified processing: The procurement and administration of individual items is no longer required

  • Reduction in the number of suppliers (tier-one supplier)

  • Reduction in complexity and avoidance of incorrect installations

  • Several functions in an extremely confined space

  • Complete range of standard/special components

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