Hygienic valve technology: in accordance with all norms and standards

Valve technology ranks among the particularly demanding aspects for industrial food production plant. Valves usually have many standards and norms to fulfil in addition to the high, purely functional, requirements. Schubert & Salzer’s special valves belong to a limited category of products that are able to fully meet this requirement.

There are many highly complex regulatory requirements governing food production. Every single component must be designed so as to comply with the hygiene technical standards and minimise risks from contamination. The EHEDG standard prevails, for instance. This standard leaves no room for compromise. The seals and the transitions between them are particularly critical factors, as are the nature and condition of the materials.

Challenges stemming from Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 and/or EHEDG

Regulation (EC) 1935/2004 represents an example of an obstacle to plant approval. This regulation requires that hygiene-compliant shut-off valves and control valves be installed for a variety of processes in order to consistently ensure hygiene safety throughout the production procedure. During the construction of production plant in accordance with the various requirements, it must be ensured that the parts coming into contact with food and beverages be safe from a hygienic perspective. High expectations in terms of accuracy, durability and safety are also placed on control cycles and shut-off functions.

Sterilventile und Schlauchventile - Schubert & Salzer

Complying with regulations thanks to Schubert & Salzer’s new 6051 valve range

Bachofen’s technology partner, Schubert & Salzer, is one of the few valve technology suppliers that has a number of valve series that fully comply with Regulation (EC) 1935/2004, EHEDG, incl. FDA-compliant seals. The concept behind the 6051 valve range is the elimination of dead space. The materials used were selected on the basis of strict hygiene criteria.

Other valves for versatile applications

The constriction-hose valves 7078, 7071 und 7077 are suitable for processing paste-like, abrasive, aggressive, viscous and granular media. Various FDA-approved hose qualities are available for these valves. Their area of application extends as far as blood plasma processing.

Products that are not only compliant but reliable and long-lasting as well are relevant to future-proof shut-off and control technology solutions. Bachofen possesses the necessary experience and specific application-based expertise to provide you with professional support during the implementation of your applications..


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