Mayser safety technology: combatting last minute panic in passenger traffic

Public transport is facing constant increases in acceleration, congestion and hustle and bustle. Especially at rush hour. And the risk of accidents is therefore also increasing for passengers. With innovative safety technology from Mayser, vehicle manufacturers and public transport operators can protect their customers effectively against injuries. Above all in the boarding and exit area.

The frail, old lady, who needs a little more time to climb out; the young man, who tries to climb on at the last second; the pupil whose rucksack straps gets stuck in the door frame – they are all in an acutely dangerous situation. And if an accident does happen, thereʼs the question of liability. The answer can be pretty unpleasant for the train or bus operator, the vehicle manufacturer or the manufacturer of the door system.

Prevention is better

Accident prevention is a requirement of the times even for public transport. With safety technology from Mayser, preventive measures can be implemented effectively and efficiently in the boarding and exit area of train carriages and buses. For example, the non-touch detection system of the safety specialist combines contactless and tactile sensor elements in a safety switch strip. This detects passengers climbing in and out and stops the closing movement of the automatic doors and sliding steps.

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Risk minimisation through early person recognition

The safety switch strips, with combined switching elements and capacitive sensor elements, respond to even the smallest of objects. Thanks to predictive detection, the system recognises people early and triggers the blocking of the automatic doors. This significantly reduces the risk of injury due to impacts or pinching. In particular, people with a disability or older passengers feel safer and less stressed.

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