Guard duty on the ramp: BANNER vehicle detection

Open gates are somewhat inviting. Unfortunately that is also the case for unauthorised people. Previously it was commonplace to employ gatekeepers who kept an eye on the comings and goings in reception and entrance areas. Today, there are more efficient solutions, such as Bannerʼs radar-based vehicle detection, R-Gage.

Every transport logistics specialist is familiar with the situation: a truck drives onto the ramp, is loaded or unloaded and sets off again. And because everyone is occupied with goods handling or delivery documents, no-one thinks to lock the gate again. Unauthorised people therefore have unrestricted access to the warehouse and other areas of the building.

Automated vehicle detection using radar sensor

The monitoring and controlling of gates is ripe for full automation: presence radar locates the vehicle on the ramp and detects when it leaves. It immediately sends a signal to activate the control mechanism in the gate, which automatically closes itself. BANNER has a wide range of tried-and-tested radar solutions on hand for this and numerous other applications of automatic vehicle recognition in outdoor areas.


Can be used in all weather

BANNER radar sensors reliably detect vehicles and objects up to a distance of 100 meters irrespective of the weather conditions. Regardless of the wind, rain, snow, fog, humidity, air temperature or light conditions, the user can trust that the sensors will work perfectly. They operate in the ISM communication band – depending on the model and requirements – with various ranges.

Detection range of 2 to 100 metres

The most basic model detects a vehicle at a distance of 2 to 3.75 meters in 25-centimetre increments. The model with the longest range enables detection at over 100 meters. This type is available with one or two digital outputs or with one analogue output in 0–10 V or 4–20 mA. Two detection ranges can be defined in the case of the BANNER sensors with two digital outputs, e.g. an approach range and a stopping range. All models are mounted in a robust housing with IP67 protection and easily stand up to harsh environments.

Anyone using reliable vehicle detection with BANNER will find the perfect solution with Bachofen and direct access to competent advice that leads to a tailored solution that meets the requirements.


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