Parker Viking Xtreme: the valve range with crossover qualifications

Parker Viking Xtreme: The valve range with crossover qualifications

Stringent requirement criteria apply to pneumatic valves used in vehicle construction. Approval is only granted to products that reliably perform under extreme stress, satisfy strict safety regulations and can be fitted easily in confined engine compartments and gear housings, as well as in supply systems.

The name speaks for itself

The valves in Parker’s Viking Xtreme range more than live up to their name. They have been specially developed for use under challenging general conditions and their sturdy construction, performance and versatility are impressive. The performance of these valves during aggressive salt spray tests and rigorous vibration testing has proven that they can cope with any situation. They come equipped with suitable solenoid valves and can be used in temperatures ranging from 40 to +60°C.

Sturdy, resilient construction

Dirt and corrosion pose no problem to Parker’s Viking Xtreme valves. The valves are manufactured from anodised aluminium and have a smooth surface with no depressions in which dirt can accumulate. The cover screws are made from stainless steel, which prevents weak points from developing over time. In the event of a power failure, the valves can be manually controlled via a locking or freely movable manual override.

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Parker’s Viking Xtreme range of valves fully meets the requirements laid down by the Machinery Directive as per the standard specification sheets EN292-2 and EN983, which excludes liability risks. These extremely resilient products require intermittent maintenance, as is the case for any moving parts. That is why spare-part kits are available.

NAMUR interface for direct assembly on process valves

Anything that can perform under extreme conditions is all the more likely to be suitable for further applications. Applications in the process industry, for instance: Viking Xtreme is the right choice in this industry whenever a rotary drive or process valve needs to be controlled. The NAMUR interface enables the Viking Xtreme valve to be assembled directly onto the process valve.

Bachofen has been collaborating with Parker for many years now and shares Parker’s attitude on which development of the Viking Xtreme valve family is based, namely that “the greater the challenge, the greater the motivation to find the best possible solution for the user”.

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