Personal protection: prevention thanks to building technology

The statutory provisions in the field of building technology and the construction industry specify strict guidelines when it comes to personal protection. There is a good reason for this: Accidents in the workplace often have severe consequences for those affected and can result in high costs. This does not need to be the case. With Mayser, engineers can err on the safe side.

In addition to the demand for ease of operation, facade elements and automatically controlled windows must also guarantee the safety of persons inside the building. It does not take a lot to minimise the risk of accidents or completely prevent accidents in the workplace caused by negligence or incorrect operation. The specialist for personal protection, Mayser, is offering industrial plant designers everything that is needed in this regard. Tactile security and protection systems by Mayser completely fulfil the safety-relevant standards EN ISO 13849 and/or EN ISO 13856, which are also especially important in the field of doors, gates and windows. Depending on the application and requirement, these can be implemented individu