Automation? Yes, of course!

The increasing automation of industrial processes demands reliable safeguarding of the hazardous areas surrounding machines, robots, transfer lines and automated guided vehicle systems. The safety requirements specified in the machine guidelines are key for personal protection. Tactile or non-contact safety components are used, depending on the application.

Mayser has established itself as a worldwide supplier of safety technology and provides a systematically structured complete range of safety components that is available at Bachofen. Area sensors, switchboards, ultrasonic sensors, elements for collision protection and safety bumpers by Mayser ensure that people and objects are effectively protected against damage.

Safety at work – every day

In addition to numerous applications in high-risk areas, such as engine rooms, or logistical facilities, such as warehouses and automated transport routes, Mayser systems also secure doors and gates. They ensure anti-trap protection for closing edge safety and collision protection when using self-propelled conveyor vehicles. A signal is sent to the signal conditioning instrument in the event of low pressure on the area sensors, switchboards or the safety bumper. This causes the movement to stop quickly and prevents injuries or impacts.

fokusthemen automatisierung transportsysteme mayser sensorprofile

Mayser sensor profiles are co-extruded profiles. Their design enables very easy handling and flexibility, especially for safeguarding doors and gates.

fokusthemen automatisierung transportsysteme mayser flaechensensoren

Tactile surface sensors provide optimal protection for secure areas. The purpose of surface sensors is to protect people from dangerously moving units in automatic manufacturing processes.

fokusthemen automatisierung transportsysteme mayser safety bumper

Mayser safety bumpers provide reliable protection for large gates. They are particularly well-suited to safeguarding longer stopping distances of between 20 and 500 mm.


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