Encoders for mobile machinery: the Turck mini holds tight

Automation in vehicle construction is like a rally course littered with obstacles – mobile applications place much higher demands on automation components than traditional industrial applications. With the compact, wear-free RI360-QR20 miniature encoder, Turck offers a groundbreaking solution.

Automation components in vehicles have to be able to withstand quite a bit: vibrations, shocks, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and dirt. Besides which, the EMC directives in this area are as strict as the laws regulating street traffic. And what’s more, the electrical systems are usually designed for lower voltages with high voltage fluctuations, which can’t be allowed to interfere with the sensor’s outgoing signal.

RI360-QR20 miniature encoder: with all the features you could need

The Turck RI360-QR20 miniature encoder can easily navigate the pitfalls of mobile applications. It has an expanded operating voltage range and can easily cope with voltage spikes. The smart components in protection class IP68/IP69K are based on the principle of contactless resonator measurement. That means that the encoder is completely wear free and vibration resistant. This stands in contrast to conventional encoders, in which vibrations and shocks are transferred directly to the bearing thanks to the direct connection between the axis of rotation and the sensor, making them vulnerable to faults and downtime.

In the Turck Mini, both the position encoder and the sensor are entirely sealed in, meaning that no moisture can get in. The unit can easily compensate for vibrations and misalignment of up to a millimetre.

Turck Miniaturdrehgeber

Casing of translucent plastic

When designing the miniature encoder, the conscious decision not to incorporate LED lenses was made, because not even seals would be able to fully guard against the ingress of tiny amounts of water. Instead, the device has a housing made of translucent plastic, allowing visibility to LEDs mounted inside. In terms of EMC, the mini-encoder surpasses the requirements for e1/E1. It is also effectively protected against conducted disturbances in accordance with DIN ISO 7637-2 or SAE J113-11.

Simple and flexible installation possibilities

Thanks to the compact dimensions of the casing – 71 x 64 x 20 mm – the miniature encoder doesn’t take up much space at all. The effort needed to install it is similarly small. In order to also guard the position encoder against mechanical impacts, it can be installed such that it is fully covered by the sensor without a direct mechanical connection.

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Areas of application

  • Agricultural vehicles, such as field sprayers

  • Gear monitoring, on geared motors

  • Detecting the pivot angle of the manbasket on aerial work platforms