Personal safety in buildings: prevention with Mayser's safety technology

With increasing requirements in terms of energy footprint, safety and design, automation in building technology is progressing further and further. However, automatic doors, gates and windows can still pose a risk. Thanks to safety technology from Mayser, this can be largely eliminated.

It would be hard to imagine a modern building without centrally controlled or automatic facade elements. Yet despite all the comfort that automation offers, the risk of accident should not be underestimated. For example, people or objects could become caught in self-closing doors and windows, and gates on loading ramps or automatic supply and lifting platforms pose a risk of injury.

Reliably securing main and secondary closing edges

Safety specialist Mayser offers an extensive range of products for personal safety in buildings, from safety edges to safety bumpers and safety mats to ultrasonic sensors. One of key areas of Mayser’s safety technology is tactile and non-contact safety devices that can be used to reliably secure main and secondary closing edges. If the door closes prematurely, for example if the person is moving slowly, the tactile sensor reacts immediately: the door close mechanism is stopped or reversed to prevent an accident.

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Life-long fault- and maintenance-free operation

The safety components from Mayser function perfectly irrespective of the surrounding conditions: neither strong light penetration nor dirt or weather can cause malfunctions. They can be installed discreetly on door edges or in facade openings and boast a long, maintenance-free service life. The components meet safety device standards EN 12978 and/or ISO 13849-1 and/or ISO 13856-2, so you will be compliant with the safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive.

Plant manufacturers looking to avoid risks even in procurement should look no further than Bachofen for a reliable contact for Mayser safety technology. With our expert advice, you can rest assured that you will make the right choice.


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