No more shakes: with Banner vibration monitoring

Excessive vibrations can damage machines and in some cases lead to operational stoppages. Vibrations often occur as a result of worn or loose parts. The Banner vibration sensor sounds the alarm as soon as the machine starts to shake.

When machinery is moving, vibrations occur, especially when machines are performing heavy work, for example motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, turbines or drives used in building technology. If the vibrations exceed a certain level, the machine must be overhauled. But how do you know when the critical point has been reached?

Measuring vibration velocity and temperature

The solution: the QM30 vibration and temperature sensor from Banner Wireless. This device measures the vibration velocity in millimetres per second and the temperature in °C. Installed as close to the bearing as possible, it will detect any increase in vibrations and heat. It is attached using a standard mounting bracket, a magnetic holder or simply with double-sided thermal-transfer adhesive tape. Thanks to the robust, IP67 zinc-alloy housing, the sensor also works perfectly in harsh environments.

Banner Vibrationsmessung

Simple configuration in line with individually definable threshold values

The QM30 vibration and temperature sensor is designed for use with Banner radio transmitters such as the Q45 module or the Performance P6 module. The vibration thresholds can be configured effortlessly on the basis of ISO 10816 via DIP switches (with Q45) or configuration software (for P6 module). The sensor has a local display that shows when a threshold has been exceeded. It transfers the vibration velocity and the temperature to a gateway, which then forwards the data to a PLC or cloud.

Complete solution with up to 40 measurement points

With the Solutionskit2-Vibemetric, Banner also offers a complete solution for monitoring up to 40 measurement points. This also comes with the option to forward information to a maintenance server or a cloud.

Purchasing the QM30 vibration and temperature sensor is easy as can be; simply ask Bachofen! And if you need any replacement parts for a machine overhaul, then Bachofen is also the right place for you.


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Areas of application

  • Monitoring and maintaining machinery implants

  • Building automation