External linear scale now a thing of the past: the new THK SHS-LE linear guide

In mechanical engineering, complex component-installation steps combined with a notable lack of space remains an ongoing challenge. In addition to being more space-saving in its design, the new THK SHS-LE linear guide means that the additional installation of a linear scale is no longer required. The in-built linear encoder is what makes this possible.

When it comes to reporting the position of linear axes, engineers can make use of a variety of methods. If only a certain degree of precision is required, indirect systems that calculate the position of the axis using an encoder on the motor will be sufficient. In cases that require a much higher degree of precision, however, such as in the construction of machine tools, those methods will soon reach their limits. In such cases, engineers have no alternative but to incorporate a linear scale. This may provide the precise measurements required, but the component is time-consuming to install and takes up valuable space inside the device.

An integrated, high-precision linear encoder

By introducing its new SHS-LE linear guide, THK has come up with an elegant solution to this problem. The product is based on the tried-and-tested concept of SHS linear guides from THK, which use globally standardized dimensions and incorporate an integrated, high-precision linear encoder. It is this that removes the need to incorporate an external linear scale. Not only does the built-in linear encoder supply the degree of precision that mechanical engineers require, but it also does away with the time unavoidably spent precisely aligning the scale. Any differences between the measurement and guide system resulting from parallelism differences can no longer occur. The THK-LE linear guide from THK enables machinery to be more compact in design and reduces assembly time, therefore making a substantial contribution towards reducing costs.

THK Linearwegführung SHS-LE

A wide range that offers tried-and-tested SHS quality

The new product is available in sizes 10, 25, 30, 35 and 45. Users who are looking for a linear magnetic encoder that fits inside any type of SHS carriage can choose between resolutions of 1, 5 and 10 µm. The encoder head is compliant with the IP67 rating. In addition, the new THK SHS-LE linear guide stands out due to all of the properties that have helped the SHS series achieve its excellent reputation in the mechanical engineering sector. The arrangement of all ball races in a contact angle of 45° ensures equal load-bearing capacities in all main directions – radial, counter-radial and tangential. It is this that means the latest product in the SHS range can be used universally. Like all of the other products in the SHS range, it fulfils the relevant CE standard.

Bachofen’s expertise ensures successful applications

If you are someone who attaches great importance to product quality and competent technical advice, Bachofen is the right partner for you. For many years, we have been selling the quality products from the THK brand in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein and possess the necessary expertise to provide you with the targeted support you need for your specific application.

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Areas of application

  • Machine tools

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Production plants for semi-conductors

Measurably more beneficial

  • Measurement functions integrated within the linear guide

  • Reduced assembly time saves costs

  • Time-saving during construction