Reliable final inspections: eagle-eyed error detection

Packaging and labelling processes used in the food industry are mainly geared towards processing materials quickly. Final inspections take even greater precedence. These must be performed without any hitch whatsoever while keeping pace with the rate of production. Banner’s vision sensors have fast reaction times and they don’t miss a thing.

There are many ways in which errors during the filling and labelling stage can be frustrating. Mislabelled products, incorrect label information, boxes filled with the wrong contents or incorrectly fitted bottle caps lead to incorrect deliveries, upset customers and damage the manufacturer’s reputation. In addition, time and money must be spent on replacement deliveries. Frequent changes in production, coupled with labels that change as a result, increase the risk of errors.

The all-in-one second-generation vision sensor

Banner’s second-generation iVu PLUS vision sensor ensures that not a single error goes unnoticed. The all-in-one device can store up to 30 predefined inspections. Priority is given to monitoring label information, such as batch number or date, as well as packaging and packaging components based on type, size, alignment, shape and position. The numerous options available enable the device to be customised to meet process-specific requirements.

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No computer required for programming thanks to touchscreen

The inspections are easy to program and this can be done directly on the vision sensor’s integrated colour touchscreen display. This means that a computer is not needed for new setups and changes.

Directly programming vision sensors on the device’s touchscreen can prove challenging if they are located in areas of the production plant that are difficult to access. Banner provides a remote colour screen, which is compatible with the system, for such eventualities. This screen allows access from any location. We also recommend using the external display if you need to control multiple image scanners or if you need to block access by unauthorised personnel.

Error-free production with Banner and Bachofen

By selecting Banner’s iVu PLUS vision sensor, you are opting for a highly accurate, user-friendly product that enables stringent final inspections to be carried out quickly during production. Bachofen provides competent advice that is based on specific food production-related expertise, thereby ensuring that your output is of a high quality and that your customers remain unaffected by incorrect deliveries.


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