Non-contact precision measurement: Turck DR series radar distance sensors

There are a variety of processes where measurements can only be taken reliably and safely at a distance. Harsh environments are an example of these. Factors internal to the process or other interference factors affecting the measurement are also problematic. Turck DR series radar distance sensors are hard wearing, block out interference and provide precise results. 

Plant and machinery are exposed to harsh conditions in their respective industries. These include the processing of aggressive materials or materials which are problematic for other reasons, and vibrations caused by rotating machine parts. Influences such as these make precise measurements difficult. Interference factors also include stirrers in tanks or high currents such as those required for cathodic dip painting and other processing operations. In these and many other cases, the only option is non-contact measurement technology. 

Tough: the DR series radar distance sensors from Turck

Turck, the Bachofen technology partner, offers a newly developed measuring component for this purpose which delivers what it promises, as it can withstand almost anything. The radar distance sensors of the DR series are a robust solution for measurements at a distance of up to 15 metres. This is ideal for numerous areas of application in factory automation as well as outdoors. The components are shock resistant up to 100 g and with their rugged stainless-steel housing and PTFE front with IP67/69K protection can withstand the most demanding of environmental conditions. Neither chemicals, dust emissions, draughts nor changing light conditions can affect their function. 

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Lens configuration tailored to the application

The coverage a distance sensor’s detection field should achieve depends on the application. With Turck’s new radar distance sensors, plant designers have the choice of three different lens configurations. This makes it possible to individually adapt the detection field to the respective application. This can be specified as short and wide, long and narrow or in a medium format. 

No chance for interfering pulses

The radar distance sectors of the DR series are parameterised via the browser-based Turck Radar Monitor parameterisation interface. Thanks to visualisation of the signal curve in real time, the sensor can be quickly and easily adapted to the application. It is also easy to activate filters that eliminate external interfering pulses.  

When solutions are needed for high-precision measurements at a distance, Bachofen – a long-standing Turck distributor – is close at hand and the right contact partner for discussing and clearly explaining how to make the solutions work for you. 


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