Measuring on the tank instead of in the tank: precision load cells from Anderson-Negele

Measuring content in process containers with complex shapes or in horizontal positions is not straightforward. Depending on the tank design, using conventional sensors for fill level measurements can lead to inaccurate results. Anderson-Negele load cells measure the deviations in the tank weight which ensures a very high level of measurement accuracy. 

A key requirement when processing chemical, pharmaceutical and food products is for tank content measurement to be as precise as possible to ensure process efficiency and product quality. Provided process containers are positioned upright and are of a standard shape, then traditional fill quantity measurement serves its purpose. However, when tanks are positioned horizontally, then hydrostatic fill quantity measurement and radar, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors are pushed to their limits. These measurement methods are also problematic when it comes to funnels. 

A range of interference factors

It is possible to calculate content based on the fill level, but this does not take into account specific features in the tank design. Interference factors in fill quantity measurement also include, for example, stirrers, a medium flowing in or – in the case of bulk goods – an irregular surface, cone formation when filling, craters forming when emptying or bridges forming in the tank. 

fokusthemen anderson negele waegesystem content

Tank weight measurement – a very precise alternative

Anderson-Negele specialises in hygienic measurement technology and takes a different approach to classic fill level measurement. The precision load cells from the Bachofen technology partner do not measure the content of the process tank. Instead, the sensors detect even minimal changes in the weight of the tank. The key advantage of this is that influences such as tank arrangement or shape, as well as all other interference factors in fill level measurement are not able to falsify measurement results. At the heart of Anderson-Negele’s load cells are the Kistler-Morse branded measuring cells, which are the standard for load and content measurement in numerous industrial sectors. 

The right solution for every application

Highlights in the Bachofen product range include the LD3 Load Disc weighing module – a robust all-rounder for a wide variety of industrial applications, the LD360s Load Disc weighing module specifically developed for hygienic applications, or the LD3xi version designed for maximum precision with a measuring accuracy of up to 0.03%. The Microcell bolt-on system is available for mounting on existing tanks. This can be easily mounted on the tank or silo stanchions without lifting the tank. ATEX-compliant versions are also available. 

Show us your tank and we’ll present proposals to you for highly precise measurement of the tank content, regardless of shape and arrangement. Bachofen’s extensive product and application expertise guarantees a solution tailored to your application. 


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