Fast to market and still Ex compliant: decentralised automation with Turck

Time to market is a key factor for operating successfully in highly competitive markets. Barely is development of a new product over and already it needs to be available for customers. But if the production isn’t ready, then you can dream on in terms of fast market entry. But what if ATEX is also an issue? Turck has come up with a great response to these challenges. 

Companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are familiar with the dilemma, and not just since coronavirus: The clock is ticking, and quite often time is running out. If a new active ingredient receives approval, production facilities are often not yet ready for operation. Build the infrastructure before receiving approval and you run the risk of approval not being granted and of the plant having to be converted. One way or another, competitiveness is at stake. The fact that certain processes take place in potentially explosive atmospheres further exacerbates the situation. 

Trend towards modularisation and standardisation

A silver lining on the horizon is turning out to be the increasing modularisation of system concepts and progressive standardisation. Solutions without control cabinets rated IP67 or even IP69K reduce the amount of wiring work and sources of error. Small modular units with clearly defined interfaces are easier to plan and can be manufactured concurrently by different suppliers. Factory acceptance tests (FAT) also provide potential time saving because smaller units with integrated control functions can be tested without a connection to the plant control system. Standardised interfaces also shorten the development time and commissioning of plant expansions. 

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Première for the first end-to-end IP67 solution

In this context Turck, the leading automation specialist, is once again pioneering the first end-to-end IP67 solution. The new IP67 block modules for the TBEN-S and TBEN-L designs can be integrated directly into the plant. The lightweight TB-SG-S and TB-SG-L protective housings clear the way for direct use in ATEX/IEC-EX zone 2/22, significantly reducing the assembly and wiring required. The use of ready-assembled, fully-tested cables virtually eliminates wiring errors.  

Decentralised automation in EX areas without gaps

Consistency through the product range means the Bachofen technology partner Turck offers everything needed for decentralised automation in potentially explosive atmospheres: From the traditional I/O module to IO link masters, RFID solutions, safety components and Ethernet switches to the complete Codesys V3 controller with WebVisu licence, OPC-UA server and IoT gateway function for connection to the cloud. If intrinsically safe signals from zones 1/21 or 2/20 also need to be processed, the IMC series offers a suitable solution. 

To ensure that the time-to-market for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industries does not drag on and become stressful, Bachofen moves things on: with technical advice, direct first-level support, specialist and industry expertise, as well as competence in dealing with EX zones. 


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