Bringing together OT and IT: using HMS gateways and communicator

Operation Technology and Information Technology normally follow separate paths. For machine and plant manufacturers, this incompatibility is a real headache. But this is now a thing of the past: Anybus IoT X Gateways and Communicator bring together the worlds of OT and IT.

In the field of Industry 4.0, everyone is talking about networking. Indeed, the universal digital connection of devices, machines and plant parts, and in particular their seamless integration into higher-level IT systems are essential for unrestricted use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIot). Continuous communication is required to make a production company more transparent, efficient and flexible.

OPC UA/MQTT for industrial networks and field devices

Until now, there have been insurmountable language barriers between OT and IT. But these issues can now be overcome effortlessly with the Anybus IoT X-Gateways and Communicator. The versatile tools from HMS offer OPC UA/MQTT for industrial networks and field devices. They are available exclusively as stand-alone components, meaning the attached networks and devices remain isolated from the IT side.

HMS Gateway und Communicator auf weissem Hintergrund

Communicator as a mediator and X-Gateway as an integrator

The Anybus Communicator IIoT is a field-tested, reliable protocol converter that integrates non-networked devices into IIoT systems. The Communicator performs an intelligent protocol conversion and presents serial data in IIoT-compatible OPC UA or MQTT format. With the Anybus IIoT X-Gateway, PLC control systems and attached devices can be integrated into IIoT networks with MQTT and OPC UA.

Secure, isolated data monitoring

The X-Gateway from HMS makes it possible to quickly stream an industrial network in OPC UA or MQTT, relieving the PLC of additional tasks. As there is no direct connection between the PLC and the IT side, the PLC gets its “own” firewall. Connecting the two networks requires no programming knowledge, in fact, with the Anybus Configuration Manager software, it’s a piece of cake.

Bringing together OT and IT is best achieved in conjunction with Bachofen. Not only do we have clever, IIoT-capable gateways, but also the necessary expertise to develop an intelligent communication solution for your specific application.

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