Fit in translation: key with babel in protocols

Confusion arises between the controllers of industrial plants and technical building systems, as they simply do not speak the same language. With the Anybus Gateways by HMS, this lack of understanding can be overcome.

Protocols such as Modbus set the tone in industry. However, KNX or BACnet is the language spoken in building technology. This makes integration of the systems and data exchange virtually impossible, unless you have a translator at hand.

It is exactly this function that the Anybus Modbus/KNX Gateway or the Modbus/BACnet Gateway adopts. These linguistically talented components make it possible to control and monitor Modbus devices in KNX or BACnet networks of building automation from a central location. They establish compatibility between the different systems and ensure that efficient communication takes place.

Unobstructed data flow

Technical building systems operators want to know whether the heating is running correctly, whether doors are closed and whether the lights have been switched off in the building. This information and much more besides is transmitted to a HMS Gateway via the KNX or BACnet network. This translates the data and forwards it to the connected systems.


Talented all-rounder

With the HMS Gateways, Modbus Register, for example, can be imported from Excel files. They are able to convert temperatures from degrees Celsius into degrees Fahrenheit. What is more, they have a USB interface for data logging and a clear LED display. This shows the current status of the ethernet and serial interfaces. The devices can be configured in just a few steps without programming knowledge.

Harmonisation without limits with Bachofen

No matter which networks and protocols you want to be able to communicate with one another, Anybus Gateways by HMS establish the connection. We therefore have plenty of options if you need a solution for integrating the M-Bus system. 500 combinations are possible with Bachofen . Simply inform us what your networks are and we will deliver you the Gateway that overcomes the language barriers.