Product identification: no cakewalk in the food industry

An identification system’s true value becomes most apparent when it is subjected to demanding general conditions. These are particularly challenging in the food industry. Due to its resistant properties, Turck’s modular BL ident® RFID system will whet the appetite of prudent plant constructors.

There is no shortage of challenges in plant construction for industrial food production. Constructors must delve into matters relating to hygiene, traceability, food safety and automated documentation and deal with these, all while keeping a watchful eye on productivity and the process control’s efficiency.

Cleaning as a test

The effectiveness of cleaning the plants, which is essential for the food sector, is an issue in its own right. The fact that cleaning must be carried out periodically, often at short intervals, needs to be taken into consideration. This is the reason why highly aggressive detergents are sometimes used. A plant and each of its individual components must also be able to tolerate high temperatures and pressures during the cleaning process.

Coping with the most adverse environmental influences

Under these demanding conditions, the modular BL ident® RFID system from the automation specialist Turck can fully demonstrate its strengths compared to optical identification technologies, such as QR code or barcode recognition. Read and write functions can be carried out without direct visual contact, for example. The RFID data carriers are particularly resistant to intensive cleaning methods as well as other environmental influences such as dirt, the formation of ice or dew, ambient light or minor mechanical damage.


RFID — the predominant technology in the food sector

Turck’s modular BL ident® RFID system can handle larger quantities of data without being connected to a database better than other technologies while enabling a variety of data carriers to be simultaneously recognised. These have a compact design and do not take up much space in the plant. The system enables batches to be changed over more quickly or reliably controls the mixed and flexible production of various products. As a result, it also makes a significant contribution to increasing process efficiency.

Bachofen will identify your specific requirements before implementing BL ident®. Successful deployment of the system is ensured through the competent advice and support provided during its construction.


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