Transair® compressed air distribution system: adaptable for the future

Today, production processes must increasingly be adapted to new circumstances. The building services sector is no different: flexibility is a must. The Transair® compressed air distribution system from Parker-Legris has been designed to allow for effortless expansion or conversion at any time.

Flexibility is increasingly becoming an important competitive advantage in industrial production. An adaptable production infrastructure is essential for companies to be able to react to market changes in good time, and building service plants are no exception.

Safe and future-proof

The Transair® system allows plant manufacturers in the field of compressed air distribution to ready their customers for future developments. Unlike other distribution systems, Transair® is easy to assemble, disassemble and adapt to new situations at any time, with no costly tool requirements. What’s more, it is user-friendly and offers almost limitless flexibility.

Planning ease with Building Information Modelling (BIM)

To simplify project team collaboration, an electronic BIM platform can now be use to plan and design the Transair® system, allowing team members to develop the project together, work out alternative planning scenarios and run simulations.


New range of parts for the compressor room

The compressor room houses the beating heart of the compressed air system. For this area alone, Transair® now offers a specially tailored range of parts that primarily includes T, L and cross connectors. Kits containing the required components to connect the devices in the compressor room are also available for common pipe diameters 63 mm, 76 mm, 100 mm and 168 mm.

Transair® from Parker-Legris is designed to develop as customer requirements change, ensuring constantly high system reliability. With products from Transair® and expert advice from Bachofen, users are in safe hands and can effectively avoid costly compressed air losses.


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