No more wasted compressed air: Air Saver Unit from Parker

Studies show the about half of compressed air in industrial plants is lost ineffectively. Evidently, the handling of this operating supply is not very tightly monitored. However, rapidly rising energy prices have resulted in an urgent need for action. It is high time to deploy the Parker Air Saver unit.

In many production facilities, plant and machine employees are barely aware that compressed air is a valuable operating supply, just like electricity. This medium is generally fed to the individual workstations via ring networks and is available there as a matter of course. It often remains unnoticed that—according to study results—up to 30% of the energy-intensive compressed air produced is lost due to leaks in the distribution system. The use of compressed air for non-productive activities is also very significant, accounting for a further 15 to 20%. And when the pressure is higher than it needs to be, that is simply a waste.

Halving of compressed air consumption by pulsing the air flow

Compressed air systems have enormous energy-saving potential, which cost-conscious companies can exploit with little investment required. Bachofen technology partner Parker can lend a helping hand with the Air Saver Unit, which can reduce compressed air consumption by up to 50%. The air-saving unit is based on the fact that pulsed air requires significantly less energy than a continuous air flow. The device pulses the compressed air flow on and off extremely rapidly. This has the effect that the compressed air accumulator has to be refilled less often.

Air Saver Parker

Clean design for hygiene-sensitive applications

The Parker Air Saver can be installed in any compressed air system with little installation effort and does not require any additional controls. It can also be retrofitted at any time. Thanks to its hygienic design with smooth, easy-care surfaces, the unit is also suitable for use in air pressure systems in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

As one of the market leaders in advanced valve technology, Parker stands for quality, precision and reliability. With technical support and their specialist knowledge, Bachofen consultants will ensure that these attributes are used to their fullest in your application.

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Areas of application

  • Cleaning with blowing air in manufacturing processes

  • Approved for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Blow guns in assembly lines

  • Compressed air control on pneumatic automation systems

The benefits are a breath of fresh air

  • Up to 50% saving of compressed air

  • Easily integrated into any system

  • Long service life

  • Clean, F