Flexible arc guides: practice on the right track

Machine manufacturers are required to fulfil increasingly specialised requirements. Yet they are also under pressure in terms of costs. The solution to this dilemma is multifunctional standard components that also prove themselves in specific applications, such as the HCR circular arc guide by THK.

Precision and repeat accuracy are the key factors by which machine are measured. But the price must also be right. Developers and constructors therefore face the question of how they should prioritise when evaluating components. This decision, which often requires a great deal of compromise, does not need to be made when it comes to circular arc guides, as the HCR circular arc guide by our technology partner THK is a standardised finished part that works with the highest level of accuracy and is versatile in use.

Zero-clearance, precise operation and a high level of flexibility

The guide carriages of the HCR circular arc guide can be loaded equally in all four main directions. This ensures that circular arc movements have zero-clearance and are absolutely precise. While conventional rotary and cross roller bearings only allow for a small degree of flexibility, the HCR circular arc guide can carry out individual movements independently of one another depending on the arrangement of the carriages. It also allows the guide carriages to be positioned on the load centres. This considerably simplifies the construction.

Also effortlessly beats large arcs.

With the HCR type circular arc systems, circular arc movements with large radii can also be achieved, something that is a major advantage when constructing highly precise CNC machines. Even circles with diameters of over five meters can be made with the HCR circular arc guide without losses in precision. In contrast, traditional pivot bearings rapidly reach their limits. The greater the circular arc radius, the lower the costs. It is worth taking this aspect into consideration when planning a system.

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Compact and easy to assemble

The basic design of the HCR arc guide follows the principle of the tried-and-tested HSR linear guide with its compact design and the same load ratings in all four main directions. Thanks to a simple screw connection on the carriages and tracks, the time required for assembly, disassembly and re-assembly is minimal.

Bachofen and THK have formed a strong team for many years now. With our consolidated efforts, tried-and-tested products and pooled know-how, we support you in the construction of machine that combine precision and profitability.


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