Increased energy efficiency in the compressed air system: The new airflow sensors from EGE-Elektronik

The operation of compressed air systems is energy intensive. This makes it all the more important to constantly control the flow rate and, if necessary, take appropriate steps to adjust the air pressure consumption. The new airflow sensors from EGE measure air quantity with a high level of accuracy and react immediately to leakage.

Designers and operators of plants and machinery are under increasing pressure to save energy and optimise the sustainability of processes. However, no one has yet found the solution needed to drastically reduce energy consumption in industrial processes in one fell swoop. Despite this, there are numerous opportunities in various parts of the production process to be thriftier with electricity and thus improve the overall energy balance.

Energy optimisation of compressed air systems

One of those opportunities involves compressed air systems: Measuring the flow rate of compressed air provides information about the energy efficiency of the system and allows the air consumption to be controlled. Expensive energy is also lost when leaks occur in compressed air systems. The quicker these leaks are detected, the faster they can be fixed.

EGE Druckluftmengenmesser

Precise mass flow measurement with the new airflow sensors from EGE

Bachofen technology partner for special sensors EGE-Elektronik has identified room for improvement when it comes to measuring air pressure. With the new LDS 1000 and LDV 1000 series of airflow sensors, EGE is presenting measuring devices that can significantly improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of compressed air systems. One route to achieving this is to spot leaks early by detecting deviations in the air flow.

Robust sensors for a variety of uses

The sensor families differ in size and design: Depending on the situation, they can be mounted inline or plugged in. The components contain no moving parts: They are permanently wear-free and require virtually no maintenance. They are easy to install and operate. The measurement results are displayed in real time. They can also be forwarded to a higher-level control unit via IO-Link or via an analogue signal.


The new airflow sensors from EGE-Elektronik are now available in the Bachofen range. The Bachofen sensor technology experts are also available to advise you on choosing the right sensor type and to provide you with active support at the technical level.

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