Don’t get bent out of shape: supreme heavy-duty telescopic slides

Every composite system is only as good as its weakest part. This old truth applies in particular to the operation of commercial and railway vehicles. For there is barely any other sector in which the physical loads are as high as in the vehicle industry. The Supreme heavy duty telescopic slide is an impressively heavy unit.

Commercial and railway vehicles as well as mobile machines used outdoors must be able to operate under the toughest of framework conditions. This includes extreme weather as well as vibrations and shaking. Depending on the place of operation, e.g. military deployment, difficult terrain might also be a challenge. For emergency services vehicles, such as the fire brigade and HAZMAT, or protection and rescue, reliable operation of the equipment can be the difference between life and death. Every single part counts.

High rigidity even under extreme loads

The newly developed Supreme heavy duty telescopic slides developed by the Dutch manufacturer Thomas Regout International B.V. are tough and reliable, and can handle a temperature range from -30°C to +110°C. With their high bending strength and low deflection, they can be used wherever very high loads have to be moved precisely and smoothly and high rigidity is required. The contact on the ball bearings at four points allows for a slight preload on the slide and thus an additional increase in rigidity.

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Maximum 1 to 2% deflection in relation to slide length

The load capacities are based on a maximum deflection of 1% of the slide length with complete load in extended state. A still very low deflection of max. 2% is to be expected with extension distances of 150 to 200%. The load capacity always depends on the profile and slide type. For example, the double T design of the slide supports a very rigid and stable guide with minimal deflection. Slide lengths of up to 1,200 mm are possible.

The right material for every application

Depending on the application, the Supreme telescopic slides are available in steel, aluminium or stainless steel versions, as well as in standard or two-way extension options. The steel Supreme models are electrogalvanised, RoHS-compliant and have a layer thickness of 10 to 12 µm. With the aluminium slides, the ball cage is made of stainless steel as standard (V4A). The Supreme stainless steel slides (1.4404) are highly corrosion resistant. This ensures a guide with low-wearing tracks, which proves its worth above all for demanding industrial applications such as battery trays.

The Supreme range from Thomas Regout includes 26 different models with a total of 520 different extension distances up to load capacities of 2,000 kg per pair. Bachofen ensures that making the right choice doesnʼt become a burden. With application-specific advice and competent technical support with configuration.