No uncertainty on the rails: Rectus quick-release couplings

When operating railways, each individual component must be reliable to ensure that the trains move around on schedule and without stoppages – even in adverse weather conditions. With the Rectus quick-release coupling systems from Parker Hannifin, rail operators are able to move safely. That includes adhering to the standards.

There is no truer test for technical components than rail operation. Parts are subjected to vibrations, soiling, high mechanical stress and extreme climate conditions which take their full toll. Parker Hannifinʼs Rectus quick-release coupling systems meet these requirements: together with electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic control units, you can provide reliable service in electrical and diesel-operated railway vehicles.

Superbly suited to outside applications

Functional safety in the face of the most demanding prerequisites is key for the Rectus series coupling systems. Thanks to a robust design and high-quality choice of materials, these precision components contribute significantly to the reliability and availability of the rolling stock. Additional locking system external seals, single hand operation and full functionality in a broad temperature range of -40°C to +240°C make this system ideally suited for applications in the open air.

Parker Rectus Schnellkupplungen auf weissem Hintergrund

Resistant to vibrations and mechanical influences

Dry-break couplings, such as the NSI/NSR series, guarantee complete tightness thanks to flat sealing valves. Both leakages and a big drop in pressure during coupling and decoupling are ruled out. Excellent resistance to vibrations and mechanical stresses is an additional distinctive feature. The suitability of the Rectus quick-release coupling systems for rail operation is also confirmed by its certification: they meet the relevant rail-specific guidelines and safety standards and have passed the vibrations and shock test according to DIN EN 61373/IEC 61373 with flying colours, amongst others.

The right product for every application

The Rectus couplings boast over 60 years of experience from the world-leading manufacturer of innovative drive and control technology. Bachofen is the destination of choice for rail operators who rely on safe and reliable connections. Bachofen stocks the entire range of Parker Rectus products and offers a one-stop-shop for custom solutions.


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