Easy rider in a compact design: Miniature RSX linear guide from THK

Some sectors, such as medical and laboratory technology, call for compact devices and machines. Mechanical engineers are therefore increasingly shifting their focus to the space requirements of components. The RSX mini linear guide from the leading provider of linear motion technology, THK, is proof that good things do come in small packages.

In mechanical engineering, space is a scarce commodity. Compact designs are on the advance, but this must not be at the expense of performance. Quite the opposite – consumers and users are not willing to accept compromises in terms of quality, precision or reliability. Innovative manufacturers of machine components, such as THK, are showing us the way out of this dilemma. With its new RSX miniature linear guide, our globally renowned technology partner has skilfully mastered the balancing act between compact design and excellent product properties.

Best-in-class anti-friction properties

Thanks to an optimised circulation structure, the latest development in the THK portfolio offers the smoothest movement in the class of miniature guides: The guide carriage of the RSX slides much more smoothly than that of conventional linear guides. The tracks – which are ground with high precision – between the guide rail and the guide carriage support the easy running of the balls. Its characteristic design features include the end plates integrated into the guide carriage for the ball circulation and a ball retaining wire. This keeps the balls away from the rail when the carriage is removed, which also greatly facilitates assembly.

Small dimensions – high load capacity

Unlike other models, the RSX miniature linear guide has only two tracks rather than four, and a small section height. This means that it fits everywhere where space is at a premium. Yet this has hardly any effect on its load capacity: despite its small dimensions, the RSX can absorb loads from all directions and can even be used individually for moment loads. Various types of carriages allow for a broad range of applications.

The RSX miniature linear guide is suitable for use in cleanrooms and can be adapted in various ways to comply with the cleanroom class required for the application, from ISO 1 to ISO 9. The guide carriage, guide rail and balls are made of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel. A special material technology with heat treatment guarantees reliable operation up to temperatures of 150°C.

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Bachofen’s made-to-measure solutions

When it comes to adaptability, this tiny linear guide is hard to beat: the surface treatment, metal rotating parts, block length, stroke type and more can be adapted to meet the customer’s specifications. This is where Bachofen’s advice can help you. Our motion technology specialists will assist you with the configuration and make sure you get exactly what you need: a made-to-measure solution.

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Areas of application

  • Medical technology

  • Electronics industry

  • Watch industry

  • Precision engineering

Good things come in small packages

  • Ultra-compact

  • Extreme precision and rigidity

  • Available in various sizes and configurations

  • Operating temperature up to +150°C

  • Suitable for cleanrooms

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