Meets the standards and remains ecological: parker legris liquifit

In branches of industry where hygiene is critical, there is no escape from Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The keen eye of the legislator is trained in particular on components that come into direct contact with products. Parker Legrisʼs Liquifit Connection Systems, machine builders and plant operators are off the hook, including in ecological terms.

Production companies that are employed in the food, beverages, pharmaceutical or cosmetics sectors enjoy the special attention of the regulators. In addition to the general safety regulations, specific requirements apply for their machines and systems relating to clean production, cleaning and disinfection.

The Machinery Directive as the measure of all things

The Machinery Directive specifies the guiding principles and its most recent update sets out the production goods for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in practically the same steps as those for the food industry. Harmful health risks for consumers must be