Hot tip for pneumatic systems: non-flammable PA tubing from Parker

Standard products are not suitable for many functions in the maintenance of public transport rail and road vehicles. One important consideration, for example, is the prevention of overheating. This is a particularly high priority when it comes to plastic products. Parker’s non-flammable polyamide tubing guarantees safety in pneumatic systems.

The engineers responsible for maintaining or overhauling public transport vehicles have a great deal of responsibility. It is therefore important to assess the suitability of spare parts. Only temperature-resistant and durable products should be used in functions where heat build-up is an issue, such as pneumatic systems. The authorities have strict requirements for approval, which must be met in full. Ideally, flammability would be virtually zero.

Conformity with all relevant standards and guidelines

Parker’s polyamide tubing fulfils all of the stringent criteria applying to the vehicle maintenance sector. It complies with all relevant standards for rail vehicles in the areas of fire behaviour and fire safety, such as prEN 45545-2, NF F16191, DIN 5510-2, etc. Parker’s PA tubing also complies with standard UL 94 relating to flame resistance, which governs heat-critical applications in the industry.

Able to cope with high pressure and temperature loads

The tubing from the leading global supplier of motion and control technology that is particularly suitable for use in pneumatic systems is made from single-walled polyamide. It combines flame resistance – without the emission of toxic smoke – and spark resistance with excellent performance in terms of pressure and temperature loads. Parker’s single-walled polyamide tubing is a cost-effective alternative to the PA tubing with a PVC sheath. This also eliminates the need to use a stripping tool during installation, which always entails the risk of damaging the tubing.

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Product know-how and technical expertise under one roof

Bachofen can provide Parker’s PA tubing from its warehouse at short notice and can offer you comprehensive advice on the overall range of tubing, connectors, screw couplings and other Parker products. If required, we can also support you with technical know-how that goes far beyond our product expertise. It is important that you find the best possible solution for your application.


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