Prevention is better: monitoring using the Edge Gateway from Turck

Many operating faults in machinery and systems go undetected until the process itself starts to falter. If the operation was permanently monitored, any functional faults that were about to occur could be identified in good time and could be rectified using targeted interventions. With the Edge Gateways from Turck’s TCG20 range, you can turn your maintenance into predictive maintenance.

The helpdesk staff employed by machine manufacturers can only identify functional faults sporadically and the original cause often remains a mystery. Fault-tracing can also be time-consuming and is not always successful. But what if you had access to the relevant process data when trying to diagnose a fault? Fault-tracing could then be carried out in a much more targeted way. A clear picture of the fault would soon emerge, thereby enabling interventions to be carried out much more efficiently.

Operating data that are immediately available

Though this may sound like a glimpse into the future, it is already possible today, thanks to the Edge Gateways from Turck’s TCG20 range. They are there to ensure that the data that are essential when it comes to carrying out continuous monitoring of machine performance are transferred rapidly and securely. The fact that the relevant data are immediately available for evaluation is one of the pre-requisites for predictive maintenance.

Turck Webbasierte Edge Gateway TCG-20

Smart automation components that interact with the software in the cloud

Cloud technologies and the merging of the IT world with the OT (Operational Technology) world are giving new impetus that is enabling predictive maintenance to become established. For users, this opens up exciting new prospects – from accessing data, whatever your work location or end-user device to evaluating the collected data in the cloud. The introduction of smart features within automation components and their ability to interact with software in the cloud will further expand the range of possibilities.

Using the Edge Gateway as a means of overcoming the limitations of time and location

The Edge Gateway TCG20 from Turck enables data to be transferred rapidly and securely, wherever production parameters need to be collected or adjusted worldwide using any type of end-user device. The different types of data transfer that are available and their scalable or variable data storage capacity create added value for machine manufacturers and users alike. For hosting, a number of variants can be used – cloud-hosting by TURCK, an individualised cloud partition, “on-premises” hosting by the machine operator or operating a server directly on the machine itself. Using the encrypted communication protocol, Kolibri, guarantees that data are transferred securely and are effectively protected against third-party access. Machine and process data are displayed on dashboards, into which users are able to log in whatever their location or type of end-user device.

Bachofen is happy to discuss any questions or projects in the area of predictive maintenance with mechanical engineers with an eye to the future. Not only does Bachofen provide pro-active technical advice, but it also provides solutions that already pre-empt the integration of smart components such as the Edge Gateway TCG20 and communication with the cloud.

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The road is clear on your route into the cloud

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