Sprinter in ISO Class 3: CSKR cleanroom actuators from THK

Avoiding particles when automating clean room processes is a top priority. With moving machine parts in particular, this key requirement is not that easy to meet since friction causes abrasion. THK‘s new CSKR series actuators run with minimal particle emissions despite maximum performance.  

Manufacturing in a clean room is an absolute must for the microelectronics, food and pharmaceutical industries. This is because even the smallest contamination can render the end product unusable and result in high and costly reject rates. In other industries there are also clear trends towards clean production as customers become increasingly aware of the need for impeccable quality. However strict industry-specific regulations imposed by regulatory bodies or internal quality management specifications may be, one of the greatest challenges for clean room technology is reducing the emission of particles. 

Every single system component counts

Maximising the extent of automation in production facilities is making a major contribution to clean production. This means that the entire system and each individual system component need to be suitable for clean rooms and certified in accordance with the relevant clean room class. In particular, mechanical parts that move are critical. It is therefore essential that these are thoroughly checked for clean room suitability during the evaluation. 

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Great solution to the particle problem from THK

THK is a world-renowned specialist in motion technology and, in the new CSKR clean room actuator, it has developed an innovative linear unit releasing virtually no particles. This is achieved by a unique sealing mechanism on the longitudinal opening of the actuator. THK has also implemented a non-contact seal: The few particles created by friction are sucked out of the component interior by negative pressure at the end heads of the linear unit and these can then be fed to the air filters via a vacuum pump or sealing air. Special treatment of the component helps to minimise particle emissions. The lubricants are suitable specifically for hygienic environments or applications in a vacuum, making them clean room compatible. 

A highly efficient and compact design which is functionally reliable

In addition to their dust-repellent properties, the CSKR clean room actuators from Bachofen technology partner THK excel with potentially record-breaking operating speeds in a range of 600 to 2000 mm/sec depending on the model. The high rigidity of the design ensures maximum precision. The compact design of the components reduces the space requirement – a welcome benefit given the high cost of clean room areas. Every square centimetre saved counts. 

A consultation with Bachofen’s specialists is the best way to clean up any outstanding issues relating to hygienically flawless production. This is always based on the individual customer- and industry-specific requirements.  


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