Closely monitored fluids and gases: controllers on alert

In the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, plant operators are required to strictly comply with the official regulations for safety in relation to processes. The major challenges include monitoring cleaning processes during which aggressive media are also used.

Critical areas are laboratory workstations, in which hazardous vapours form, or production facilities in which hexane is being processed. The extraction facilities and ventilation systems used in such environments must be equipped with air flow sensors that withstand aggressive media by virtue of the appropriate choice of materials. In addition, the sensors must also fulfil the familiar CIP/SIP processes.

Even small quantities can be custom-made

Bachofen is the first port of call for demanding plant operators when it comes to purchasing flow controllers. They appreciate the industry experience, technical understanding, proximity to customers and particularly the high degree of tailoring to individual requirements: custom-made products are possible even in small quantities.

Variability in raw materials and explosion protection in all zones

Bachofen is familiar with the sensor technology requirements of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, and understands exactly which flow controllers of our technology partner EGE need to be used. Depending on the application, the controllers, including the flanges standardised according to DIN or ASME, can be manufactured from a range of raw materials, such as Hastelloy, Monel, tantalum or titanium. What is more, the correct explosion protection for a particular zone must be ensured. Our thermodynamic flow sensors do this without any moving parts.

170512 Visuals EGE DE 1

Connection cable

for Ex-zone Ex ia IIC

Process connection


C-22 sensor

(Hastelloy material)


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