Safe pipe system: clean compressed air

Compressed air plays a key role in almost all production processes. Leaks in the system lead to production losses with the related consequential costs. As a manufacturer of quality products, you therefore have the same high demands on your compressed air network as on all other plant components.

The best guarantee for clean compressed air is a high quality, completely sealed pipe system. In compressed air systems of lower quality, on the other hand, a large number of different polluting substances can be detected. The dirt particles are aspirated by the compressor together with the ambient air or are formed inside the system, especially in older machines – whether by corrosion or by other causes.

The clean compressed air system

With Transair® from Parker-Legris, you choose safety, longevity and energy efficiency. Over 20 years’ experience and continuous improvement go into this compressed air system consisting of aluminium pipes and air-tight connectors. It fulfils all requirements for the clean transport of various media, such as compressed air and vacuum from 10 mbar as well as inert gases such as nitrogen, argon and CO2 with a purity of up to 99.99%. The continuous use of the whole diameter of the pipes supports the flow and therefore reduces the energy consumption.

Parker Transair

Transair® compressed air pipe systems are suitable for new installations as well as for extensions. They can be installed quickly and can be adapted to changes in the processes at low cost, even during operation. At Bachofen, you receive the entire Transair® range to implement individual solutions from the warehouse in Switzerland.


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