Prime example for industry 4.0: the machine thinks along with you

Is the tool suitable for the next processing step and when is the next service due? This information is crucial for ensuring that manufacturing runs smoothly with no long periods of downtime. RFID technology by Turck provides smart tools, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process.

The art of mechanical engineering lies in reconciling highly accurate manufacturing with efficiency. Machine tool engineers are making it their job to support their customers in increasing productivity and making them more competitive. This includes reducing excess as much as possible and avoiding long periods of downtime. Tool management plays an important role here: Every time a tool change takes place, it is important to ensure that the correct tool is used and that it is in perfect condition.

Automatic recording of the condition of the tool and the service requirement

In conventionally organised production processes, the inspection is carried out manually. However, Industry 4.0 is also opening up new prospects in this area, as RFID technology by Turck introduces tools that think along with you. It identifies the tool for the next processing step prior to use and it provides it with offset values during the servicing phase, for example. These describe the current condition of the tool and automatically feed into tool management. The data carrier integrated within the tool serves as a processing step counter or application counter in the sense of proactive maintenance and ensures that a replacement tool is available in good time.

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Gateway and write-read head RFID Module

UFH write-read head

UFH data carrier

ISO 1800-6c / EPC Class 1 Gen 2

HF write-read head

HF data carrier

ISO 15693

Two birds with one stone

With the same RFID technology and the same connection to the hardware, it is also possible to identify people who are trying to gain access to the machine. Combined with an individual authorisation controller and access controller, the machine is better protected against incorrect manipulations and corresponding damage and plant downtimes with RFID than with traditional methods such as PIN recognition.

Integrated networking options

A characteristic feature of Industry 4.0 is consistent networking. RFID technology by Turck also takes this requirement into account: Your smart control functions can be used in both decentral solutions and with a direct connection at MES or ERP level.

The RFID identification system by Turck has a modular structure and is ideally constituted for industrial applications in harsh environments. Bachofen is a partner that not only delivers but also thinks along with you in order to achieve smart solutions in the field of tool management.