IP protection for peace of mind: monitoring in the control cabinet

The heart of IT systems lies in the control cabinet. This means that it is even more important to ensure that it is protected against physical influences such as heat and humidity or access by unauthorised persons. The CCM control cabinet monitor by Turck operates round the clock and sounds the alarm if a threat arises.

Hacker attacks are not the only thing that digital infrastructures need to be protected against; they are also exposed to physical risks that must be taken seriously. A critical element is the control cabinet, in which crucial functions take place. Effective protection against manipulation and other influences must therefore always be guaranteed. For the service public, which is responsible for providing support in different areas, binding national and international guidelines are in place regarding manipulation protection. For example, aspects such as power and water supply, health, nutrition or finances form the focus here. Faults or downtimes could have severe consequences in these areas.

Flat, compact and suitable for retrofittings

The CCM control cabinet monitor by Turck reliably ensures that it doesn’t come to that. It is installed in the same narrow 12.5 mm housing as the latest-generation IM12-CCM interface devices. No bigger than a pocketbook, it only takes up a small amount of space in the control cabinet and can also be stored inside the control cabinet if there is limited space. Retrofitting can be carried out at any time. A computer, special software or special tool is not required for commissioning.

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Always dedicated to the issue at hand

The tireless CCM control cabinet monitor is highly sensitive. A temperature sensor, brightness sensor and humidity sensor can sense if the IP degree of protection deviates from the norm. The triangulation sensor doesn’t miss a single movement: It registers when the door is opened or has not been closed properly and triggers an alarm in the superordinate system. Manipulation cannot be prevented in every case. However, it is indicated immediately so that it can be responded to within an instant.

A monitor that forgets nothing

The device has an internal data logger and offers the option of storing measurements over a period of up to two years. The data can be called up, analysed and assessed at any time. The customary IO-Link technology is used for communication in non-explosive zones. The established HART communication is the appropriate technology in EX-zones up to zone 1.

Bachofen Ltd knows everything about the areas of application of the control cabinet monitor, particularly for tasks such as protection, separation, transformation and security. The strict requirements relating to standards require a partner who is able to offer reliable, precise and security-oriented solutions.


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Areas of application

  • Universal control cabinet monitoring: from indoor IT cabinets to processing plant cabinets in the field.

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  • Compact: With a structural width of 12.5 mm, the CCM devices by Turck can also be placed in small protective boxes.

  • Vigilant: CCM devices trigger an alarm if a door is opened without authorisation and show deviations in temperature and humidity.

  • Comprehensible: Thanks to the integrated data logger, the history can be called up and analysed at any time, even on non-networked devices

  • Retrofittable: CCM devices can be easily integrated in existing control cabinets and only require six connecting cables.

  • Simple: Commissioning can be carried out without a computer or special tools.

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