No pressure when choose Valves: Bachofen has all you need

As building services systems become increasingly complex, so do the specific requirements for valve technology. It must be precisely tailored to the properties of the fluid to be transported and to the application in question. Bachofen makes it easier to evaluate the most suitable solution by offering various technologies from a single source.

Valve technology plays a key part in building services supply systems and circuits. For reliability and safety, it is crucial that the right technology is used for each application. For example, aggressive fluids and solids require valves that can stop the flow as quickly as possible. Elsewhere, there are applications where the flow must be smooth and slow in order to prevent pressure shocks. The different requirements in valve technology make procurement a challenging undertaking. But Bachofen has a suitable solution for every application.

Elektrisch betätigte Armaturen

Complete solutions from Bachofen: electrically operated valves

The electric actuators from Bachofen’s technology partner Valpes are available in various designs ranging from 10 Nm to 2400 Nm with voltage ratings from 24 V / 230 V up to 400 V. Because the electric actuation takes between 6 and 20 seconds, these valves can be used to avoid pressure shocks. The electric actuators are suitable for control applications and can be operated with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. There are additional functions such as the failsafe option, which can actuate the valve again using battery power in the event of a power failure, or connectivity solutions such as Modbus or Axmart, which allow the actuators to be controlled by cable or wirelessly. If required, Bachofen can supply complete fittings up to DN 300 with actuators and ball valves, assembled according to customer specifications.

Pneumatisch betätigte Armaturen

The alternative: pneumatically operated valves from Bachofen