Reliable means safe: ATEX-certified rotary joints

Due to the friction they create, rotating connections form one of the hazard sources in explosion-risk areas, such as in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry.

The pre-conditions in gaseous and dusty environments are of critical importance, and it is with good reason that plants featuring rotary joints must comply with the requirements of the current ATEX Directive if a risk of explosion exists.

Working towards a customer-specific solution

Bachofen can provide a targeted solution according to your requirements from the extensive portfolio of the ATEX domain for plant operators in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry. It is able to advise on the basis of product expertise, which will guarantee a practical decision, saving you time and money.

Rotary joints for ATEX zones

With ATEX-certified rotary joints from Maier, plant operators are in safe hands. The rotary joints specialist focuses on the most in-demand field of gas (G) with regard to certification, and it manufactures a wide range of connection variants as standard or according to customer requirements. The ATEX-certified rotary joints include the manufacturing series DX, DP, DQ and H. With each order, the customer receives a declaration of conformity and an individual operating manual produced for the special requirement plus documentation. Every ATEX rotary joint features a type label with an ATEX identification number and traceable plant number. All necessary documents have been deposited with the TÜV certification office in accordance with the standard.

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Locking pin

Monitoring of ignition

using PT100 mineral-insulated resistance thermometers


Bearing bush

rotating with rotor; no wear


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