No more last-minute door panic: the new non-touch system from Mayser

The doorways of buses, trams and trains can be hazardous for public transport passengers. Incidents involving automatic doors can cause serious injuries and damage the reputation of transport companies. The non-touch detection system from Mayser offers new prospects in obstacle detection.

Short cycle times, confusing situations at passenger stops, people pushing and panicking to get on at the last minute: the risk of injuries involving automatic doors should not be underestimated. And if an accident does happen, there’s the question of liability. If, for example, the media blames the accident on the public transport operator, its image will suffer. It is therefore important to prevent these accidents from happening in the first place.

Minimizing the risk of automatic doors

Mayser, a specialist in safety and personal protection technology, offers a wide array of tactile and non-touch safety systems and sensors for buses and rail vehicles. The components stop automatic doors from closing in a hazardous manner. They offer reliable obstacle detection and bump protection and the ability to detect lower arms at swing doors. These functions are guaranteed even in the event of a fire. Area sensors such as safety steps help to enhance safety in doorway areas. All of Mayser’s systems meet the standards and certifications applicable in the rail industry.

Predictive motion detection with NON TOUCH

New to Mayser’s portfolio are the NON TOUCH safety edges, which combine safety elements with capacitive sensor elements. The system reacts to people moving in the immediate vicinity of the door edge. Thanks to predictive detection, it recognises people early and prevents the automatic doors from closing. This significantly reduces the risk of injury due to impacts or pinching. It can help people with a disability or older passengers to feel safer and less stressed.

Sicherheitsschaltleisten Mayser

Safety and manageable costs with Bachofen

For vehicle manufacturers and public transport operators in Switzerland, the route to acquiring Mayser’s safety technology leads directly to Bachofen. Whether fitting out new vehicles, carrying out conversions and modernisations, or retrofitting automatic doors: Bachofen not only stocks the right Mayser products, but also has the necessary experience to develop cost-effective safety solutions.

It is not only public transport operators that use Mayser’s safety technology to stay on the right track. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles, in-vehicle equipment and special-purpose vehicles are also safe in the hands of Mayser when it comes to shear and anti-pinch protection. Next stop: Bachofen.