Ideal for the lab: PFA fluoropolyer tubing from Parker

Laboratory systems need to meet many different requirements. This applies not only to the equipment itself, but also to accessories such as tubing. Equipment manufacturers are faced with the question of which material will offer the best properties for their specific application. Parker’s PFA fluoropolymer tubing offers the answer.

In the areas of medical technology and laboratory automation, production systems and testing and analysis equipment are sometimes placed under extreme stresses. The transport of media is subject to particularly challenging conditions. Aggressive liquids, high pressures and large temperature differences place complex and high demands on material quality. Evaluating the suitability of tubing plays an important role in the functional safety of the system as a whole and therefore warrants careful attention.

PFA – a no-compromise choice

The conventional choices for tubing are PTFE and FEP, which have specific properties to offer. PTFE tubing offers advantages primarily in terms of its chemical properties, whereas the strength of FEP tubing lies instead in its mechanical properties. This means that, depending on the application, a certain compromise is unavoidable. Those who are not willing to make such a compromise should opt for PFA tubing, which rounds off the range of tubing offered by renowned motion and control technology manufacturer Parker.

Far superior to other material types

The high-purity fluoropolymer (perfluoroalkoxy) tubing from Parker Legris combines the advantages of both PTFE and FEP. It offers the best possible chemical resistance, and is readily thermoformable and translucent. It also has excellent temperature resistance and electrical properties, and can withstand high pressures. PFA tubing boasts high bending fatigue strength and is more kink-resistant than PTFE tubing. Its service life is ten times longer than other fluoropolymer tubing such as PTFE, FEP and PVDF when subjected to chemical and mechanical stresses.

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Bachofen – an industry expert

The PFA tubing from Parker Legris is available in three material variants. Your choice will depend on the intended application. When making your decision, it is also important to take into account medical and industrial standards, as well as any food regulations that are applicable. Bachofen is very familiar with the areas of medical and laboratory technology, and with the food sector. You will find us to be a competent partner with whom you can discuss these issues on an equal footing.


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