Specially designed for work machines: the new Turck pressure transmitter PT1100/2100

The insides of work machines are exposed to harsh operating, ambient and weather conditions. Components such as pressure sensors are subject to requirements that far exceed those of applications in stationary installations. Robustness is thus one of the key criteria. Turck’s new PT1100/PT2100 pressure transmitters are completely stable in the face of these challenges.

When it comes to the maintenance of heavy mobile work machines, it is vital to adhere to particularly strict standards when selecting spare parts. The extreme conditions found in the areas of mining, forestry and agriculture and on building sites place extraordinary demands on the functionality and resilience of each individual component. These components need to be resistant to overpressure, vibrations and shocks and EMC-compliant. The more fully they meet these requirements, the simpler the maintenance will be.

Highly resistant to shocks and vibrations

Our technology partner Turck is also driving progress in challenging areas in the field of pressure sensor technology and has switched up a gear when it comes to the robustness of its components: with its PT1100/2100 series, the leading automation specialist has developed a new generation of pressure transmitters that can cope with everything thrown at them when used in heavy equipment. Their credentials: protection class IP67 or IP69K and a compact design that meets the ISO 16750 road vehicle standard in terms of resistance to shocks and vibrations. They also boast impressive measurement accuracy in all weather conditions: this is barely affected even under high temperature fluctuations.


Flexible in every respect

As well as robustness, flexibility is another of the strengths of the PT1100/2100 series. It can be electrically connected using M12 plug connectors, as well as AMP Superseal 1.5, Deutsch DT04-3P, AMP-JPT and other variants. The new pressure transmitters can handle pressure peaks without any problems. The sensors operate in a wide power supply range from 7.5 V to 33 V board voltage. A test level of up to 100 V/m guarantees optimum EMC performance, thus meeting the requirements of standards including ISO 13766, for earth-moving and building construction machinery. The components are available with either current or voltage output.

Finely tuned to your needs

Thanks to its large inventory, Bachofen can supply Turck’s new PT1100/PT2100 pressure transmitters to Swiss customers with immediate effect. As a result, your work machine will be perfectly equipped to cope when the going gets rough over harsh terrains. We would also be glad to work with you on developing precise, tailor-made solutions. If, for example, you need different designs, plugs or pressure ranges, just let us know.

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