Stop & go in the pipes: with butterfly valves and drives from bachofen

Permanent control and precise management of the flow in pipe systems guarantees a safer process. The system must react immediately as soon as the order is given for “Valve open” or “Valve closed”. And that reliability is exactly what Bachofen’s components offer.

Controlling and managing the flow in closed pipe systems requires reliable butterfly valves and actuators. And when transporting aggressive media, it is all the more important that the flow can be stopped, if need be, to protect the plant from any damage.

The right butterfly valve and required drive provide the ideal combination to regulate flow in closed pipe systems securely and precisely.

The right butterfly valve for every need

The range covers all sizes from DN40 to DN2000. The butterfly valves can be delivered as a flange-on or intermediate flange solution. Possible pressure levels are PN6, PN10 and PN16, possible seals EPDM, NBR and Viton.

Bachofen Armaturen

Manual drive or manual gears: the choice is yours

All butterfly valves can be fitted with manual levers. These can be fitted securely into position by fitting a bolt through the lever hole. Hand levers are also available in stainless steel on request. The manual gears have a hand wheel making them easy to operate without physical strain.

Electric actuators: for torque values ranging from 10 Nm to 2400 Nm

Bachofen calculates the drive sizes required to ensure that the valves operate smoothly and safely. Electric actuators are available in the conventional design with on/off function or in the FAILSAFE design with battery and POSI function. With the latter design, regulation can be achieved using control signals 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA.

New to the range: actuator with Bluetooth functionality for communication with all the fittings, providing easy and convenient service, control and management via the app. Technical parameters are 15–30 V DC or 100–240 V AC, valve opening times of 7–210s possible.

Pneumatic drives available for all butterfly valve sizes

With the pneumatic actuators from G.T. Attuatori, you can operate all butterfly valves with air, irrespective of their size and whether double or single acting. Mechanical or inductive position feedback as well as solenoid valves to control the pneumatic actuators are further functions.

Bachofen provides a wide range of products and accessories for flow control, which means that there is an efficient and sustainable solution for practically every application. With Bachofen, you not only benefit from expert advice, but can also order entire assemblies tailored to your specific application.


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Areas of application

  • Air

  • Water supply

  • Heating

  • Industrial media

All in perfect working order

  • Various operating options: manual drive, pneumatic or electric

  • Added value thanks to various accessories such as Bluetooth, FAILSAFE, POSI and sensors.

  • Robust construction for a long service life

  • Ready-to-install components and assemblies