Durable and reliable: flow sensors from EGE

When purchasing components for building services systems, durability and low maintenance are high on the list of requirements. It’s not only annoying when a component breaks down, but also expensive. This will not happen with the durable and robust flow sensors from EGE.

Automation components in HVAC and refrigeration systems can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive if they wear out quickly and require frequent maintenance. That’s why it pays to look at long-term reliability when evaluating components and to give appropriate priority to the aspect of quality. A good flow sensor should continue to show accurate values for years after installation without needing replacing or recalibration.

Thermal measurement instead of moving parts

Bachofen’s technology partner EGE has put this into practice with a product concept designed for durability and reliability. The measuring system of the EGE flow sensors does not consist of mechanical parts, but is based on a thermocouple. This is safely protected in a robust housing. Even under extreme ambient conditions, these sensors continue doing their job for a long time, delivering reliable results at temperatures of up to 160 °C. They are suitable for monitoring fluids such as water, glycol mixtures or other chemicals, but also flows of air or gases.

Durchfluss-Sensor EGE

Also suitable for aggressive fluids

The flow sensors from EGE are available in bronze alloys or stainless steels such as Hastelloy, tantalum or titanium, so that even aggressive fluids cannot harm them. The range also includes intrinsically safe, explosion-proof sensor types according to ATEX and IECx. They can be mounted in two different ways: either on the pipe with a tee or integrated in the pipe as an inline sensor.

Three different measuring principles

Depending on the requirements and the application, EGE supplies sensors which work on the calorimetric, magnetic-inductive or vortex principle. They can be set either intuitively using a potentiometer and LED display or easily programmed using buttons and a multi-segment display.

Operators of building services systems can source the entire range of EGE flow sensors from Bachofen. With expert advice of the Bachofen specialists, you can rest assured that you’ll be happy with the EGE products for years to come.

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