Tanks under control: reliable cut-out technology

When a blackwater tank has reached the maximum fill level in the sewage system of a machine or in the toilet of a train carriage and the detection system fails, the dirty liquid spills over. This also causes abundant problems and leads to an inundation of mostly incalculable consequential costs.

The affected areas must be cleaned at great expense and the defective detection system replaced. This takes time and causes the affected unit to break down for an equally long period of time. A safe solution for cut-out and alerting is therefore a cost-saving investment.

For use in soiled and crystallising media.
Protective bellows prevent jamming of the float mechanism.

Used worldwide as a switch-off and alarm system

Bachofen has carried out development work on the special field of level measurement and offers not only flow, pressure and temperature units but also high-quality level systems such as float switches under the label Trimod’Besta. These are proving successful worldwide as cut-out and alarm systems, for example, in technically advanced vacuum toilets and sewage systems that are built for the deep-sea vessel and railway industries.

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Operating principle of a Trimod’Besta level switch.
Magnetic pole: S=South pole, N=North pole

Impressive quality

The switches are used in sewage tanks under vacuum as pump control and high limit alarm. They also work flawlessly in heavily soiled or crystallising media. This is ensured by a protective bellow that has been specially developed for use under vacuum conditions.

Trimod’Besta brand floating switches are available in various designs for numerous applications. They are a convincing choice due to their functional safety combined with the highest quality.


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Areas of application

  • Vacuum toilets on cruise ships and trains

  • Sewage systems