Linking factory and building automation: Intesis gateways from HMS Networks

There used to be a deep divide between information technology and operation technology. This was also a problem for building services, where automation is progressing in leaps and bounds. With the new Intesis gateways for universal protocol implementation, HMS Networks bridges the gap between IT and OT and, with MAPS, also delivers a clever tool that makes configuration quicker than ever.

There was always a distinction between the wider field of information technology, which has been established for decades, and operational technology for specialised process control. The IoT brought the two worlds closer together, but there is still trouble with communication. This is a problem for designers of building management systems, who need to integrate IT and OT for consistent and complete automation of the building infrastructure.

Integration without communication barriers

The new gateways from Intesis open up new opportunities for bridging the gap between process systems and building control and management systems (BMS). They connect Modbus networks with common building automation networks. The Intesis integration solutions cover the whole range of automation networks from ASCII to BACNet and KNX to Modbus and M-Bus.

M-Bus to Modbus-TCP or BACnet to KNX

The application can record information on electricity, gas and water consumption as well as other indicators directly in the PLC system. This includes the building parameters that previously had to be checked separately. Whether the values are on an M-Bus or a BACnet and have to be transferred to a Modbus-TCP is not important. The possible combinations are almost unlimited.

Intensis MAPS: the highly efficient configuration tool

The Windows-based MAPS configuration tool (Multi Addressing Points Solution) supports all protocols available for the Intesis Gateways and enables the devices to be programmed regardless of protocol, based on a simple and uniform method. The data can be imported automatically using corresponding gateway templates. MAPS supports conversions such as scaling and balancing to convert the data according to specific requirements. Extended diagnostics and troubleshooting are available as additional functions.


Commissioned in 10 minutes