A shining example of personal comfort: DUOmetric light curtain systems

For public transport companies, passenger comfort has top priority. A critical factor for this is the boarding and exit area with automatic doors. Despite safety contact strips, passenger comfort is restricted, and unpleasant interactions with the moving door panels may occur. Adding DUOmetric’s comfort light curtain systems guarantees enhanced comfort for passengers boarding or exiting the vehicle.

Automatically operated train and bus doors pose a challenge: depending on passenger behaviour, the doors sometimes close too soon, trapping the person boarding or exiting. Even if the door immediately opens again, this can result in unpleasant situations, particularly for children or older passengers. Even slight jamming should therefore be prevented.

Better safe than sorry

To prevent impact, crushing and shearing motion, tactile safety contact strips are used on the closing edges. These generally fulfil their purpose, because they offer good and efficient accident prevention. However, the contact strips only respond to pressure.

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Contactless detection by means of light curtain systems

Optical light curtain systems from DUOmetric are an ideal supplement to existing door monitoring components. They detect people and objects without contact and block or interrupt the door closing process immediately. The interplay between the comfort light curtains and the monitoring components significantly enhances the comfort of passengers boarding and exiting the vehicle, and ideally helps to further minimise the risk of accident by avoiding contact with the door panels.

Solutions customised to the vehicle type

Light curtain systems can be integrated into any vehicle type and can be adapted individually to the spatial conditions in the boarding and exit area. Ideally, the additional installation of this comfort light curtain system should be incorporated from the outset when developing new vehicles. For retrofitting in existing vehicles, the engineers from Bachofen, in collaboration with the specialists from DUOmetric, develop customised special solutions that meet the specific requirements of the respective vehicle types. Safe and secure.


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