Guaranteed never to leak: Transair® piping system from Parker

Leaking connections in compressed air distribution systems cause energy losses, which cost money. Due to rising energy prices, these costs are continuing to increase. The Transair® piping system from Parker protects plant operators from leaks and is very easy to install.

A piping system must meet a number of requirements to pass critical evaluation procedures. The first and currently most relevant criterion is resistance to leaks, since escaping media involve the loss of expensive energy. Another factor is installation: If pipes have to be welded, glued or joined by pressing, they test the patience of plant builders and the entire system becomes a rigid structure. This is precisely what must be prevented, because production facilities need to keep pace with the changing needs in the markets. It must therefore be possible to adapt and extend such systems with the minimum possible effort.

Easy to install, safe to operate

The ideal piping system is lightweight, flexible, leak-proof and easy to handle in every respect. Operators unwilling to compromise in any of these areas will inevitably find a solution in the Transair® piping system from Bachofen technology partner Parker. The system is suitable for compressed air, inert gases and vacuums. Its core elements include calibrated aluminium tubes with refined inner surfaces and a low roughness coefficient, as well as proven Transair® quick connectors for time-saving assembly. These are fitted with NBR double-lip seals and are tested individually by Parker. The corrosion-free pipes are certified by QUALICOAT and QUALIMARINE®, which confirms their resistance even to harsh and saline environments.

Parker Transair

The system that always fits because it adapts

The Transair® piping system provides the flexibility required to plan systems to meet your needs today and adapt them later, if necessary. Numerous outlet solutions are available with a variety of connector types, including gooseneck or direct, quick-connect or threaded. All connectors are detachable and can be removed from the side. Pipes are colour-coded in blue, grey and green to reduce the risk of installation errors.

A smart investment

Bachofen is as flexible as the system: The components of the Transair® piping system are available at short notice from the Bachofen warehouse at any time.


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Areas of application

  • Compressor rooms

  • Compressed air distribution in processing industries: food, pharmaceutical and medical sectors, cement plants and more

  • In machines and plants for cooling water and cooling lubricants

  • Compressed air, oil (mineral or synthetic oil)

  • Vacuum, nitrogen, welding gases and CO₂

  • Railway, aviation, mining

Associated with quality

  • Simple and quick to expand

  • Air quality meets ISO 8573, class 1.1.1

  • Suitable for compressed air applications, inert gases such as nitrogen, argon or CO₂ and vacuum applications

  • Optimal sealing with Transair® connectors to guarantee gas purity

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